LOTD: 111 My Goodies


Love Nena


ninety – #places Sweet RARE
*MishMish* Scawy Monster – Pink
MishMish – Corgi Puppy – Stance 1
+Half-Deer+ Summer Delights – Sundae Hat RARE (on corgis head)
Cherry House-Candy ice cream-Taro ~ Ty
Mello. Magic Girl Donuts @ Kawaii Project
[P] Pillows: Girls Day, Cupcake
.Oppa. – Muffin of Love Set @ Limit 8 ~ Ty
*!R.O!* IDC BENTO Pose ~ Ty


Catwa – Catya Bento Head
Vista – Bento Prohands
{ Speakeasy } Pure Tattoo
Doe: Nola (twotone) – Colors @ Kawaii Project
[Cubic Cherry] {Xyn} mask FABRIC @ Kawaii Project
.Quirky. – Allure Bracelets – Pastels (unpacked) @ Kawaii Project
+Half-Deer+ Whipped Cream Ring
Blueberry – Lace Tops – Gift ❤
Sweet Thing. Rhola Skirt – Sky (unpacked)
#EMPIRE – Nemophila (unpacked)


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