LOTD: 157 Lust For Life


Love Luna!

With all my excitement over the new update from Catwa I decided to do a small Blog, Make sure you go to the mainstore and grab ya update today!!

Michan Sera Lashes (Catwa) I have mine tinted white for my look but they come in black on the hud, 5 dif styles on hud. – Ty!
Pretty Mess Veronica Black Top
Arise Kitty Whiskers + Eye Highlights
Dazed Caeli Tattoo
Su  Albino eyes
Burley Dot Hair


LOTD: 094 Sleepy Kittens


Love Luna ❤


DreamCatcher Sweetness Couple pose with Roses @ L’Elite July 10th to July 30th

On Luna!
Astralia Beast Claws
Modanna Enlace Leash Choker
Dazed Beleth Septum
Sys Kinari Swinsuit
Burley Dot Hair

On Willow!
Burley Emily Hair
Erratic Giselle lingerie + Alexis Corset
Punch Sunder Septum
SU Labret Piercing + Medusa Piercing
Speakeasy Weirdo Tattoo

LOTD: 058 Play With Me


Love Luna<3

Anxiety LocalV2 Scene  @ Shiny Shabby
PingPong Hani Bento Pose @ Kawaii Project
DirtyStories Halloween Lollipop used as the Knife
Dazed Beleth Septum + Heiva Glasses + Caeli Tattoo
Kibitz Chara Bangles
Gabriel Take Me Leash
Truth Lake Hair
Quirky/Atomic Heart Shaped Dreamer Gacha Lingerie *Rare*
Astralia Compatible Nails System
Arise Blood Lip
Clemmm Damaged Knees + Thrashed Hands





LOTD: 051 To The Moon


Love Luna♥
Oh Him!
Boon GAS760
Unorthodox Tuff Beard
Mandala Stretched Ears
Punch Sunder Septum
ColdAsh Elias Skinny Jeans + Mesh Jones Jacker w/ Sweater
Conviction Viscous Eyes
On Her!
Dazed Heiva Glasses
Katat0nik Bungee bracelet
#Foxy Kali Hair
Candydoll Megan Top + Shorts
Kibitz Durby Rings
Rama #Selfie Obsolete Wall
R.O Joined Bento Couple Pose