LOTD: 124 Playdate?


Love Luna!

Altair Crystal Kitten Headband
Moon Amore Plastilicious Graphic Shorts/Crop Top/Overall Dress @ Collab88
The Sugar Garden Royalty Collar @ Collab88
Arise Kittie Whiskers
barberyumyum p01 Hair @Sanarae
Empire Diamond Leg Band
Oppa Muffin of Love @Limit8 – Ty!!!
Astralia Plastic Fruit Nails @Collab88
MoMochuu Crystal Moon Tattoo

Scene at WholeWheat









LOTD: 085 I Will Not Fold


Love Luna ❤


CMYK// 3. pastel magical studio @ Crystal Heart
FoxCity Hair Days Out Of Control Pose
Michan Sera Lashes [Catwa] @ Anybody July 4th to July 15th
Contrax Bastard Sword {Wearing Deco version in pic} @ TFC
#Foxy Kali Hair
E.Marie Cosmic Kitty Cap *Rare2* @ Crystal Heart
Evermore Baxter Glasses @ Crystal Heart
Astralia Magical Rings @ Crystal Heart
Moon Amore Senshi Nails @ Crystal Heart
Kotte Band aid + Acadamia Uniform @ Crystal Heart

LOTD: 067 Dem Shinny’s!!!!!!!


Love Luna ❤


Astralia Doll Roulette Background @ Arcade
ERSCH+DreamCatcher Sparkling Fun Gacha Pose+BubbleMaker+FlowerHeadPiece @ The Chaptor 4
Michan Kotori Lashes
CubicCherry Alvie Monocle
MoonAmore Antoinette Nails
Besom BBG Kimberly Hair @Arcade
Birdy BabyGirl Entire Outfit @ Arcade

LOTD: 063 MoonDrool


Love Luna<3

Astralia – Gold Moon night backdrop
PingPong Hani Bento Poses
Precious S07-18 Tattoo
Michan Eri Lashes[Catwa]
Dirty Secrets Drool
Cureless+MoonAmore Sour Candy Spiked Vest *Rare*
Blueberry Date Night Dress
RealEvilIndustries Kitty Ears
Messy Cute Midi Rings
RandomMatter+LeMorte Aeson Bracelet
WasabiPills Jun Hair
Astralia Compatible Nails System


LOTD: 005 Girl You Loud


I’m ’bout to get up on that ass right now
Just love me, love me down, now
One more, oh, oh, girl you loud

Love Luna♥

WholeWheat – Window & Curtain Photo Set
La Baguette KioKiom 5 Pose
Empire– Diamond
Tiara, Whip, Leg Band, Bracelet, Bellychain
#Foxy Mondaze Hair
Mandala Stretched Ears
Evermore Serena’s Plea Moon Bindi
CX labret Piercing
[Lab737] bow Collar
Spellbound Spooky Salon Thirst Nails
Bueno Hoody
MoonAmore SummerDelights Sprinkles Bikini Bottom
Inhale Eyes set to kill Pt.1