LOTD: 130 One way or another it’s a lie


Love Luna & Nena


anxiety %shoplifters @ Rewind
FOXCITY. Neon Lies REZ @ Limit8
:BAMSE: Rebel Helmet – Snake @ Rewind
CUREMORE / Punk Rat / Guy @ Rewind
FOXCITY. Sits VOL3 Bento Pose Set @ Limit8
*!R.O!* Baby Girl BENTO Pose ~ Ty

* From Left to Right


Contrax Goth Choker @ Rewind – Inside Nova booth – Ty!
Redmint Hair No.48’17 – Ty!
Bossie Torn Leggings
Random Matter Simon Glasses
Vale Koer TippyToe Chucks
Chary Nevermore Cuff – No Longer Available
Reign Torn Tee @ Rewind!


#187# Be My Dog @ Fetish Fair ~ Ty
[Atomic] Jelly Bracelets @ C88
(r)M, AD(o.02) // Posture Collar ~ Ty
(r)M Hair, No.50’17 (Fantasy o.4-6) ~ Ty
Reign. – Torn Tee @ Rewind
Reign. – Thigh High Sneaks 1970s @ Rewind


LOTD: 050 Girls Just Want To Have Fun


Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Love Luna♥

Astralia Vintage Fast Food Background
Elephante Call Me Pose
Ninety La Pizza
Moon Radio Romance Hair
NW Retro Skate
Kibitz Durby Rings
Ec.cloth 80’s Souffle Top + Shorts
Katat0nik green kitty Bungee Bracelet
99% of the stuff @Rewind










LOTD: 048 Pills


Love Nena ♥


MINIMAL – 80s Ashley Backdrop RARE @ Rewind
.peaches. Retro Signs -Take a Chill Pill @ Rewind
FOXCITY. Cutie Pie Bento Set


**RE** Kitty Ears
Vista – Bento Prohands
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
CATWA Lollipop V2
**RE** Bad Kitty Collar
**RE** Luxy Rings
Arcadia – Runic Ring Copper#14 @ Totally Top Shelf
pr!tty – Letti – :Fitted: @ Cutieloot Box
[La Baguette] Fishnet Bento gloves @ Rewind
Astralia – Kawaii kitty top (Maitreya) @ Cutieloot Box
Caboodle – Kyoko Skirt – Maitreya @ Cutieloot Box