LOTD: 176 One two he’s coming for you


Love Nena


FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Down The Rabbit Hole
*!R.O!* Axe Psycho BENTO Pose ~ Ty


Velika Rituals – Day of dead Rings @ TDSF ~ Ty
the crone . heartache {unisex} @ TDSF ~ Ty
C.A.M.O. – Floral Crown @ TDSF ~ Ty
WarPaint* Requiem Aeternam @ TDSF ~ Ty
.random.Matter. – Taeil Choker – White
(r)M, Vintage Royal Crown Ring // Maitreya BENTO ~ Ty
[CX] Salient Talons – Onyx @ Project Se7en
#187# Razor Blade Earrings @ Chapter 4 ~ Ty
Stealthic – Captivated (B&W)
Love [Halloween Jumpers] – Trick or Treat 2017 Box ~ Ty


LOTD: 158 But I said KISS IT!


Love Nena


(NO) CATctus – The Artist RARE
Fancy Decor: Photo Frame
Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 4
PILOT – Sofa Table [Walnut]
dust bunny . wood beaded curtain
*!R.O!* Kiss It BENTO Friend Pose w/ pillow ~ Ty


Catwa HEAD Catya v3.0
MICHAN – Azusa Weekday Lashes ~ Ty
little bones. Rumor – The Blend @ C88
Sweet Thing. Oki Hoodie – White @ K9
.:villena:. – Fishnet @ K9
..S..: Exposure Set – Black ~ Ty


Catwa Daniel Head
[Signature] – Gianni Body
Stealthic – Haunting
Stray Dog – Shawn Buttermilk
{speakeasy} Spook tattoo @ Man Cave
XODOHTRONU “Zaddy” Tee Hoodie Combo Noir (bag)

LOTD: 144 He Like That



Love Luna!


+Half-Deer+ Dreamrose Princess Bed
*!R.O!* Desire Bento Pose ~ Ty

On Luna!
Nox Spanked Body Applier
Stockholm&Lima Jump Rope Harness
Taketomi Aimi Hair
Blueberry Tinker Pantys
Swallow Drop Ears
Eclat Velvet Choker

On Jace!
Stealthic Haunting Hair
Speakeasy Freedom Tattoo
[ZEX] Gianni Boxers











LOTD: 134 Summer Fun


Love Luna!

Astralia Summertime Backdrop
Purple Poses Couple 264

On Luna!
Oppa Fineapple Toy Friend – Ty!
Oppa Fineapple Garden Deco – Ty!
Oppa Fineapple Ice-Cream & Slippers – Ty!
Oppa Fineapple Necklace – Ty!
Barberyumyum 94 Hair
Boom Anse Lazio Bikini

On Jace!
Stealthic Haunting Hair
Speakeasy Freedom Tattoo
ExalteD – Swim Trunks
Versov Sandov PokeGo Footwear