LOTD: 157 Lust For Life


Love Luna!

With all my excitement over the new update from Catwa I decided to do a small Blog, Make sure you go to the mainstore and grab ya update today!!

Michan Sera Lashes (Catwa) I have mine tinted white for my look but they come in black on the hud, 5 dif styles on hud. – Ty!
Pretty Mess Veronica Black Top
Arise Kitty Whiskers + Eye Highlights
Dazed Caeli Tattoo
Su  Albino eyes
Burley Dot Hair


LOTD: 141 Look What You Made Me Do


Love Luna!


C.ment :: Mystery hospital Backdrop
Dreamcatcher Spring Mood Pose – Ty!
Michan – Azusa Weekday Lashes – Ty!
Axix Tainted Love Cuffs Nwcklace @Kinky
Spirit Toni Skirt & Top @Uber
Dirtystories Halloween Lollipop
Barberyumyum 65B Hair
Noir Yes Sir Cuffs @Kinky
Suicidal Unborn Nosebleed
Lovefox Violent Passion Body Bruises – Store Closed!

LOTD: 103 Mornings


Love Luna & Sol ❤


Sayo Rooftop Social Backdrop
Precious Cup Rack
DreamCatcher Fly of Butterfly hoops and poses @Lost&Found Starting July22nd

On Luna!
Reign Espadrille Flats
Quirky Allure Bracelet
Truth Margarita Hair @ Uber
Spirit Undina Top @ Uber
Ec.cloth Aluna Denim Shorts @ Uber

On Sol!
PUNCH / Sunder Septum
SU!- Labret Piercing
SU!- Medusa Piercing
.Quirky. -Allure Bracelet
Reign.- Boho Watch- Chevron
Vinyl – Watson Romper

LOTD: 094 Sleepy Kittens


Love Luna ❤


DreamCatcher Sweetness Couple pose with Roses @ L’Elite July 10th to July 30th

On Luna!
Astralia Beast Claws
Modanna Enlace Leash Choker
Dazed Beleth Septum
Sys Kinari Swinsuit
Burley Dot Hair

On Willow!
Burley Emily Hair
Erratic Giselle lingerie + Alexis Corset
Punch Sunder Septum
SU Labret Piercing + Medusa Piercing
Speakeasy Weirdo Tattoo

LOTD: 016 Flexing


I’ma get you high, baby, you ain’t gotta ask me
Know that you a killer, girl, you a real assassin
Houdini do magic, my money stretch like elastic

Love Luna♥

Anxiety Cubicle Background
RE Kitty Ears
#Foxy Jayden Hair
Random Matter Simon Glasses
Empire Diamond Bra
Sabotage Offshoulder Denim Jacket
Phedora Iggy Boots
Spirit Eli Panties
SU NoseBleed







LOTD: 010 Mo Bounce


Drop that shit like a cholo at the dub show
Can you hit the switch and pick it up and let the world know?
Homie, if you’re broke, oh, no you don’t deserve hoes

Love Luna♥

Empire Diamomd Tiara
Bueno Romper
Spellbound Spooky Salon Thirst Nails
Suicidal Unborn Spectrum Eyes + Bleak Eyes
Exile Rush Hair
Eclat Velvet Choker
Bolson Mikhail Tattoo